Cruise Ships - Have you ever thought how much fresh water the latest cruise ships need to provide for passengers and crew? - the numbers are huge!

With the era of "Super" Cruise Ships for example Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, incidentally which is Five times larger than the Titanic and with a total capacity of passengers and crew amounting to over 8,000; these super ships need to provide a staggering 2,000 metric tonnes per day or 2 million litres, which over a year amounts to more than three times the ships total weight.... in water. 


The Atlantic Sea range and bespoke models of water makers from Parker can produce both Fresh Water and Technical Water via multiple trains of RO, for example 2 x 1,200 m3/day units.


To ensure the continuous operation and supply of essential water services to the ship, these RO packages are controlled by the latest PLCs or Programmable Logic Controllers.


Bass Offshore provides it's Cruise Ship Clients with a complete after sales service by providing Spares and Technical Support to ensure, during the short stay in port, they and their Agents receive service and spares in a timely manner. Drop shipping to global locations is part of our business and we say with confidence we will support you wherever you are; after all the world is only a small place - right!